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Grenada Passport and Economic Citizenship

GRENADA - No longer a best-kept secret, Grenada, has now become a first choice jurisdiction for obtaining a second passport and /or an international betting licensee.

For a SUPERIOR nationality and passport program, just contact us and ask for details on our new for 2012 "Central American Nationality & Passport Program."

Due to 9/11/2001 Grenada and many other passport by investment programs were shut down under pressure from America! PTClub recommends that you consider a Central America program for instant citizenship. Click on this url to see our numerous passport and citizenship programs.

Economic citizenship program

In late 1997, the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 1997 was passed to make it more attractive to persons of suitable background who are prepared to make an economic investment in Grenada in a prescribed manner and to choose Grenada as a second home. Grenada is now considered by many offshore practitioners to be the least expensive jurisdiction world-wide, for a second passport with the best Visa free travel.

Government fees vary depending upon the number of family members applying. There is a standard fee for family consisting of a husband, wife and three children under twenty-five years of age.

The prescribed fees are allocated as follows:

  • US$ 22,000.00 to the Treasury
  • US$ 17,000.00 to a Government Approved Project
  • The fees for processing legal and administrative work is approximately US$ 11,000.00

There are no advance charges or fees. All funds are placed in bank escrow pending Government approval of the applications. If the application is rejected, there is no fee to government and funds placed in an escrow account are returned less expenses incurred by the escrow agent and the attorney/agent submitting the application.

An "approved project" means a project approved by the Minister that is concerned with the agriculture, agro-industry or tourism. The "Minister" is the Minister responsible for matters relating to citizenship.

Visa free travel
The citizenship program offers the successful applicant a Grenadian passport and travel to over a hundred Visa-free countries including Canada, United Kingdom, those located in the British Commonwealth, Latin America and Scandinavia.

Basic documents
Following are the basic documents required to support an application for economic citizenship.

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport pages showing photograph, signature, passport number and date and place of issue are required. If the applicant does not posses a passport, a social security number is acceptable.
  • A Police Certificate with fingerprint card from the country of residence.
  • Marriage Certificate, if applicable.
  • Divorce Certificate if applicable.
  • Financial Reference Letter – A letter of reference from your banker will suffice for all adult applicants including spouse and any children 18 and over.
  • Character Reference. Two references from non-family members are required for each applicant over 18 years.
  • Medical Certificate, including HIV. This is a requirement for both adults and children.
  • Business/Technical Experience. A resume is a requirement showing the applicant's education and business background and /or technical, professional or management experience.
  • Passport Photographs. Eight (8) passport size photographs from the same negative are required.
  • Change of name if applicable.
  • Parental permission to secure Grenadian Citizenship if applying for a minor.

Overview of the Economic Citizenship Program

  1. Basis of Program: Grenada Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 1997
  2. Time to obtain document: Seven days from receipt of documents.
  3. Citizenship Status: Full citizenship – which is revocable only if there has been fraud or misrepresentation on the application. Purchaser of Economic Citizenship must be resident in Grenada for six years to obtain the right to vote or hold public office.
  4. Travel Requirements: Prospective investors are not required to visit Grenada.
  5. Passport Validity: Grenada, as a member of the British Common wealth, the CARICOM and other international organizations enables a passport holder to travel to numerous countries without a VISA.
  6. Residency Requirements: None.
  7. Military Service Requirements: None.
  8. Taxes Based on Citizenship: None.
  9. Income & capital Gains Taxes: None on income from non-Grenadian sources.
  10. Gift & Inheritance Taxes: None.
  11. Documents Required: Birth Certificates, Passport, Eight Passport photographs, Police Certificate, Marriage Certificate (if applicable) Divorce Certificate, if applicable), Financial Referral Letter, Medical letter (including HIV test results), Fingerprints. All documents must be translated into English and notarised.

Best Citizenship value in the World

  • Professionalism.
    • Approved Agent
    • Escrow deposit
  • Strict criteria.
    • Police certificate
    • Finger print card (Interpol)
    • Medical check (HIV status)
    • Local representative to guide applications through government departments
    • No hidden costs, travel, fees, etc.
  • Quality services.
    • Seventy-two hour turn around time
    • Communications online, fax, phone and e-mail
    • Door to door delivery of documents
  • Offshore business opportunities.
    • Government tax incentives
    • Local and International company formation
    • Local and International Bank
    • Real Estate and investment opportunities

Why consider a second citizenship?

  • Security and safety
    • Minimization of fear
    • Avoid political instability
    • Avoid confiscation of personal rights and freedom
    • Avoid financial and personal vulnerability
    • Protection against your home country's revolution and wars
    • Protection against international events
  • Financial freedom
    • Protect and enjoy the fruits of your labour
    • Safe and confidential placements of assets
    • Tax haven
    • Protection against confiscation policies
    • Accumulation and preservation of wealth
    • Acquire income through world-wide investment and portfolio management
  • Mobility
    • Facilitate movement around the world
    • Obtain the right to travel peacefully to other countries for business or pleasure

Citizenship vs Passport
There are program today that advertises or present themselves as a second passport or citizenship programs. Clearly the only legitimate are based on acquiring citizenship. The countries involved have passed proper legislation. The passport are the travel documents accorded to citizens so that they can travel abroad. A valued second citizenship is usually based on lifestyles factors of the applicant. The passport is a document that is well respected by the host countries. An indicator of that respect is the number of visa-free countries that the particular passport can access. Following are the advantages of Grenadian citizenship and a Grenadian passport:

Advantages of Grenadian Citizenship

  • International airport with 747 aircraft capacity
  • Connecting flights world-wide
  • Proximity to Latin countries
  • State of the art telecommunications
  • World class Medical University offering Bachelors and Master programs
  • Government
  • Business tax incentive
  • No residency requirement
  • No tax on foreign income
  • Establish legal domicile to protect assets
  • Tax haven
  • Open a business, buy a home
  • Idyllic retirement location
  • Hundreds of white sandy beaches
  • Moorings for yachts
  • Not within the major hurricane, volcano belt

Advantages of Grenadian Passport

  • Well respected travel document
  • Wide range of visa-free countries: Renewable every five years at a nominal cost
  • Grenada's pristine international reputation
  • Member of Caricom and the British Commonwealth
  • Embassies and consulates in key counties
  • Fellow applicants for citizenship have all passed a strict criteria